Keeko Coconut Tooth Floss

Keeko Coconut Tooth Floss

Remove gunk funk and junk from between teeth with Keeko's coconut oil-based wax tooth floss. This special fluff-free floss and smooth coconut-oil based wax enables it to get into the tightest of spaces gliding effortlessly between teeth and gums. Its 100% natural coconut flavor is a tropical holiday for your mouth, and its handy case is recyclable and perfect for popping in your bag on the go! Containing no mineral oil or beeswax, it's 100% natural and vegan.

How to Use
Take out a length of floss and wrap around both pointer fingers several times. Holding the floss tautly between your thumbs and index fingers, slide back-and-forth between your teeth. To remove gunk, lift floss up and away from teeth. Brush & smile!

Bean Wax, Coconut Oil, Natural Coconut Flavor