Rouge & Rye Perfume Oil

Rouge & Rye Perfume Oil

Blended carefully by hand in small batches. 10 ml (.33 oz) clear glass roller bottle. Packaged in a gorgeous, sturdy cardboard tube.

Agnes Perfume Oil • London Fog with Lavender - Smoky, sexy black tea softened with notes of steamed milk, bergamot and lavender. Comforting and feminine, with an air of mystery

Edith Perfume Oil • Honeysuckle and Vetiver - Sweet, delicate floral notes balanced perfectly with a warm, earthy base.

Eleanor Perfume Oil • Teak, Sandalwood, Cardamom - Exotic woods blended with a variety of spices including cardamom and clove. A bit on the masculine side, Eleanor is strong and sensuous.

Hazel Perfume Oil • Tobacco, Vanilla and Rose - Hazel pairs mellow pipe tobacco with musky vanilla, a hint of smooth almond and a touch of rose.

Lucinda Perfume Oil • Elderflower Cordial - The sweet richness of honey, topped with bright sparkling fruity notes and an effervescent quality. Truly a light and intoxicating scent.

Matilda Perfume Oil • Lavender, Rosemary, YlangYlang, Citrus - A light and fresh blend of calming lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang, orange, lemon, and lime. Matilda is a truly relaxing blend.